If you’re a Cardinals fan, we designed this for all BIRDGANG Fans to Unite,we agree that the Birdgang is made up of all fans of the team,there is no 1 person,no head of the Birdgang,no group leader,simply if you are a fan of the Cards,then collectively WE ARE ALL BIRDGANG !

Birdgang.com will strive to bring you a vast sight of information,pictures,videos and more! Heck we even provide our own Super-fan weekly web show,from the Ultimate Birdgang Fan Cave! So share in our passion as we help build a tradition based around being a fan of this team, from 1-101,all ends of the earth,the Red Sea Nation is growing! Please be sure to also check out how we provide ways for groups of fans to travel to games or tailgate together!


Game Reviews

  • 2016 Season Wrap, Cards 7-8-1 .

    The Cards finished the 2016 Season on a winning note, defeating the Rams in LA easily, hopefully all goes great in the off-season . We currently have the 13th pick in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft. Hope to see you all at the Draft Party on the Great Lawn. Looking forward to a great 2017 , Happy Holidays & New year to all BIRDGANG Family !  Don’t forget to signup for our newsletter for future fan road trips , events & more. The Miami weekend experience with BirdGang Travel Club was epic tho,  can’t thank the fans enough for making our inaugural season for the travel club a huge success, there will be plenty more road trips together next season and beyond. LONDON CALLING ???#birdgang  Go Cards.

  • Biggest off-season Moves
    As we await the hype of the 2017 season, the Cards will have their hands full trying to retain a bunch of great free agent players for this year. With the nod from both Fitz and Carson staying for the 17 season so far the Cards took an aggressive stance and franchise tagged last years sack machine Chandler Jones. Fans are still anticipating good news from the mouths of Campbell and Jefferson. Hopefully we can keep both of them. We await the the NFL combine and then the NFL draft to also see which direction the team will go, as well as any surprise pick-ups in free agency. I have heard many rumors, but only time shall tell.
  • 2016 Season Rewind

    Well the 2016 Season started out with higher expectations than ever before. We were daunted with the task to live up to ALL OR NOTHING  ,   We as Cardinal fans took the final outcome rather hard. With a few plays turned around it might have been a season to speak more highly of. So on to next year and a New Hope, Cards Fans !  birdgang.com

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