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I wanted to start a new regular blog story just sharing a little bit about some of the fans that really stand out or the so called “Superfans” we have. It only takes a few minutes of wandering around the Green parking lot at most home games to spot one such fan. John Guerriero is one such fan who is easily noticiable in his RED CARDS TUXEDO, game day gear. He is always taking pictures witIMG_3351h other fans, and supporting his team to the fullest. Along with his family members (who also go all decked out in their custom gameday gear), they bring energy, passion, pride and as John likes to call it a “lifestyle” of being a Cards fan and a member of the BIRDGANG !

I had the pleasure  of traveling to the Carolina game with John last season for the NFC Championship game. John was a target in the eyes of any panthers fan from the get go,,,, I mean there is no missing him in a sea of blue. He showed the up-most respect towards the host fans, poked a little fun and lived up to upholding a positive attitude throughout the entire game.

This 2016 Season he has become a full fledged season ticket holder, and I know with his passion for Cards football, the BIRDGANG and pumping up the crowd, he will be a face of the BIRDGANG for many season to come !(look for red tux’s coming soon section 114 !) In closing just a few pics of John we wanted to share, so when you see him this season make sure to get a pic with him yourself…..  ! #gocards


“It’s a lifestyle, to be a cardinals fan” !  (John Guerrieo)



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    Dino Pena
    June 28, 2018 (8:00 am)

    Hello, my name is Dino Pena. You might know me. I’ve been a face since the Cardinals first step foot on Arizona soil! I want to let you know that out of state Arizona Cardinals fans are just as loyal and dedicated supporting their team…maybe even more! I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and there is a growing #BirdGang fan base. Every season we get together and have our own football parties for every game. We are the #NewMexicoBirdGang! Our friendship is strong with each other and all friends that are not Cardinals fans.That’s what makes our football parties fun and exciting! As for myself, during football season, whether I’m able to attend a game , or watch it at home, I become the #RedRage! When I watch my team and with my friends, everyone sees my passion and energy I bring to the game or party! The only people I owe my loyalty to are those who never made me question theirs. #NewMexicoBirdGang are like a hand. close it, we become one and strong! Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family! And that’s what we have here in New Mexico! I just wanted to let you know, we are #BirdGang STRONG!

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