Miami Takeover Recap

Well all fans are now back from our Miami takeover trip this past week. For us the trip started at 1:55 am outta Az. It was a quick 3:45 min flight as we had a great tailwind. We had a little issue with landing but got it on the second attempt. Friday as fans checked in they were welcomed with free Pina Colada’s at the Hotel, some had more than 1. Once we got the party started we headed for our fan boat cruise. The two boats were filled with RED , and dancing was the theme. From the fan’s post party reactions, this was a real hit. After most Fans headed back to the hotel where Steve Keim and Michael Bidwill stopped by to greet the fans. Saturday we had some more rain but that did not stop the fans from exploring South Beach all day. On Saturday night we took over the Clevelander Hotel with a huge open bar fan party. Most fans partied till wee hours of the night and had a blast. Sunday am came early as we loaded 6 fan buses for the ride to the stadium. We had some open seats as some needed a little extra recovery time.

Gameday was wet to say the least. Off and on showers during the tailgate. The fans enjoyed a tailgate of Epic proportion, we sold over 500 spots to it and local Dolphins fans walked from other areas of the lots to see the biggest single tailgate ever thrown in Miami. We are thankful for the local group called Phinaddicts there that let us borrow their space and even joined in on the fun.

Once inside the stadium it was easy to see all the red , we were loud and everywhere, the Cards struggled most of the game but made an effort to tie with 3 min. left. Again I can mention the rain, in the front row we were ankle-deep in water, and at points it felt like we were getting hit with water balloons. (Great Idea of mine to leave the rain poncho in the car outside). The game finished on the final second as the Fins kicked a field goal to win…..

From the reaction and comments from all the fans, most were disappointed in the loss but happy for the experience we provided with our first official trip as Birdgang Travel Club.


Time to plan next year’s Takeover……. I hear London’s Calling ???



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