Questions about the Birdgang

Birdgang FAQ

We are the main website for all fans to vist, get information, share photos, and enjoy the love of the team. We offer plenty of content for the fans to enjoy. We also love to feature the fans. For us we saw a lacking need for 1 sight were 1 common bond, being a fan of the AZ Cardinals and being recognized as our fan base known as the BIRDGANG. For us we want to bring together all sides of the valley's fan pockets, from the north,east,south, and west. As well as incorporate a way for out of state or country fans for this matter (yes Birdgang is global) can have a central meeting spot. Together with our Birdgang Live Fan Show (youtube) along with Birdgang Travel llc we look to grow the best fan site on the internet.
Unlike most "clubs" you have to join, or pay a membership fee we do not require any of that. All we ask is that you have a passion for AZ Cardinals football. Whether you are a life long diehard from back in the St. Louis days, or you are a fan since arrival in Arizona in 1988. Even if your friends have just converted you over to being a fan of the team, we welcome you with open arms !
Our purpose really is to grow the fan base and the passion surrounding the team, players and fans worldwide. We look to connect all fans with information from a fans point of view, we are not paid media or reporters who do a job to follow and cover the team, we give you everything straight from our tailgate, seats and on the road each and every week ! We do it outta our love and connection to the game.
We can be reached on social media @birdgngroadcrew @birdgangtravel or by email at , . You can also signup for our Fan Newsletter on the bottom of our home page. So any questions please do not hesitate to ask ! If we love your question, it will be added to our page !
At this time the team does not recognize any particular group or "club" as the "official " fan organization. Thru our efforts on developing and running the site with integrity and respect towards the Fans, Owners, Players, and team in general, we hope that one day we can boast this recognition. Any "player" involvement or endorsement is dealt direct from the player or players agent on our "fan/player relationships that we have built over the years. We know it takes time to develop a tradition and a lifelong dedicated fanbase for any sports team, thru our efforts we hope to grow this beyond belief.
The easiest way is to reach out to us at or by signing up for our news letter. You can also speak with us at a home tailgate or on the road, for us community connection and events are huge, we want to be a club that is out in the community helping with various charities or events whenever we can !
Have a passion about being a fan like us? Want to share fan stories with the world? We welcome fans to contact us to submit fan content for our blog, full media credit will be provided. You can also inquire about our fan sports writer interneship !