What Is Birdgang Travel Club


Birdgang Travel Club

Birdgang Travel club was designed by a small group of passionate  loyal fans, that not only attend all home games in Glendale, but also  attend 50-75% of the road games. After 7 years of traveling in a small  group for road games we decided to spend the off-season working on  something better for the best fans of any professional sports team in  the World, the AZ Cardinals fans known as the “Birdgang”. After  listening to fans we have met on the road and talking to them about this  idea, the one thing we have always heard is “We should travel as a  group, If only there was someone organizing all this”, putting the fans  together in numbers, celebrating and making new lifelong fan bonds and  friendships on the road..well now,

That’s where we come in!  Birdgang Travel teamed up with Birdgang.com is Now your number one  choice for the best Arizona Cardinal Away Game Packages and Trips! We  specialize in making awesome, fun, unique,road game packages so fans can  travel together and the Red Nation will grow ! It’s not just your game  ticket we look to provide, we package hotel stay with negotiated  specials, fan events at destination, an “Un”Official Pep-Rally Party and  a fully catered tailgate party on game day & more.(each road trip  will have special variations & events) We also try to make a  selections available for all age groups and budgets. When you break down  our package you will see that you are getting a lot included for the  price of otherwise just booking yourself. Plus you will be surrounded by  Cardinal faithful from all over the nation on the road.

So in  closing, leave the planning to us Birdgang ! We know how to do it up  right, and you are guaranteed to have a super time. The only thing we  can’t provide is a guaranteed win, that after all is up to the team. But  as our fans traveling grows in numbers we can help support those  players from the road stands !



For Birdgang Travel the mission is clear, listen to what the fans  want, arrange, organize, and provide 1st class fan travel and event  options for both home and away games. Continue to grow the Red Sea  presence for the road games ! Create and plan a centralized location for  all fans to attend events and trips as a group. TO eliminate the hassle  of where is everyone staying? how should we all meet up? where is  everyone siting at the games, ect.

So as this new season  approaches we will be offering various fan travel packages as we develop  them city by city and game by game. Once details and planning is  completed it will be posted on our information pages and various social  media platforms. We strive to provide the best possible experience for  all fans !