Birdgang , Makes Small Fan Feel Welcome on Birthday.

So I know every now and then some fan bases get a bad wrap over how fans behave and act towards others at a game. We received an email this week from one family that came to a game for their sons birthday, and the BIRDGANG Fans & Family made them feel very welcome. It’s emails like this that help solidify my faith that we here in AZ have an awesome fan base.

(Original email, 11/4/16)

Dear Birdgang,

I wanted to send a shout-out to the fans who so lovingly welcomed us into their part of the nest when we were in Arizona to make my little boy’s birthday wish come true. My son, Milo, has been a fan of the Cardinals for a long time.  I’m not entirely sure how he became a fan, neither my husband, nor myself were fans of the Cards prior to his love of your team. Last year, when he sat on Santa’s lap in the snow-filled winter of northern Utah, he asked for one thing, to please get tickets to watch the Cardinals play a game.  Santa, being the smart dude he is, told Milo that he was in the business of toys, but that he could bring him a football.
After chatting with my husband, we decided to have a big celebration for Milo’s 10th birthday and to surprise him with a trip to Arizona and to go to a football game. Not so patiently, we waited for the schedule to come out and pounced when we found a home game near to his birthday.  Then came the hard part, of waiting until his birthday (early October) to tell him we were leaving in a few weeks to see his beloved Cards play against the Jets.
Our little family of four left rainy Utah, very excited for the game we were going to see.  We got to the stadium early.  As soon as we could, we ran and found our seats and Milo headed down to get as close as he could to the field in hopes someone would sign his newly purchased Cards hat, with money he had saved from his birthday.  His younger brother, who has decided to agonize his brother by loving the Seahawks) decided that the Cards weren’t so bad and wore a Cards hat too.  The boys were so excited to get a picture with Big Red, and to make it up on the big screen.  And then, Milo’s dream came true.  Deone Bucannon came over and signed Milo’s hat.
We thought that was pretty awesome, and were hoping to top off a great start to our first NFL experience with a win.  But really, we got so much more.
Slowly, the crowd filled in around us.  And suddenly, we realized we were surrounded by people who had known each other for a very long time.  Through great seasons, and terrible seasons.  They started talking with our boys, and included them in every celebration of points the Cards achieved.
Two fans, in particular, were really quite amazing.  They sat behind us and soon found out that we were there for Milo’s birthday.  While I was gone getting food for our family, they splurged and bought the boys chocolate strawberries and bananas.  They kept trying to convince my younger son that the Cards should be number 1 on his list.  Overall, they were just absolute awesome people.  Section 103 near row 15…thank you for making my son’s 10th birthday magical!

I grew up wearing black and yellow for the Steelers, my husband green and white for the Eagles.  But because of your caring and amazing fans, we walked away with Cardinal gear and rooting for a new team.  Thanks for a wonderful experience.  We all hope to be there again sometime soon.  My youngest, though, still needs some convincing. 🙂


Thanks, Sarah & Milo !! Glad you shared this with us, your always welcome at the NEST ! #birdgang #GoCards

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