About Us

Birdgang Football Fan Club

We are die hard fans, that are dedicated to expanding the RED SEA Nation that is the BirdGang to all ends of the Earth ! Are you the type of fan that can’t wait till Sunday?

Are you the fan that eats, sleeps, and drinks all the info you can about your team and the players? Are you dedicated enough to enter into enemy team territory and let them see your true colors?  If so then this site is looking for you to join our Red Army !!

Best of all once you pledge alliance to the BirdGang you are a member for life.

We are striving to create a movement 1 fan at a time !! Along with a great site for all Cardinals fans to gather, share their passion and support their team!



How It All Began

This Fan-site is dedicated to the diehard fans of the Arizona Cardinals. It is run by devoted fans who have lived in Arizona since before a professional FOOTBALL team existed. Long before Sattelite Tv where each Sunday you got the nearest out of market TV broadcasts of the Cowboys, the Broncos, the 49ers, or the Raiders. We are dedicated to our team along with those who have converted from other teams or have been transplanted to Arizona and have decided to support the home team.

The early years were not easy as a fan, this is for those that endured the hot days and evenings  getting burnt legs on the scorching metal bleachers of Sun Devil Stadium.(Former home of the Cards) Or cheering, on the verge of passing out from heat exhaustion.7263f5e8d67bd374e9339c374d78cee6

This is for the fans that stuck thru it seeing their team never finish higher than 4th in the Division 6 seasons in a row ,having to succumb to the laughter and taunting of other team fans that would out-number us 4-1 on some games in our own stadium.

For fans like myself who sat head in hands in the south endzone sec. 41 wondering if this could be our year. Wondering will the cardinals stay or just move away. Our bond was forged watching the likes of Neil Lomax, Roy Green, Stump, Freddie Jo Nunn , Boomer, Sanders, Moore, Tupa, Hurst, Joyner,  Randal “Thrill Hill”, Edwards & Centers.


10 years later some hope would come when we made the playoffs for the first time and went to Dallas and beat the Cowboys. That was our Super Bowl , after a lot of losing. That was a road game I will remember forever. As our small group left the stadium as Cowboy fans sat in shock, some even cried.
Since that moment my loyalty to this team has been solid year after year. We have had some great games, we have had some cardiac-cards moments. Now we have a new era of the Arizona Cardinals, the Game has changed, it is global , we experienced our first NFC Championship Game at home (which my ears have never recovered from) and then our trip to the SuperBowl, where our team was set to shock the world.
e1b2ca42843af23bc96093d19173a427Everything after that is a blur, but all I know is this is dedicated to the diehard fans that want to taste the flavor of Champions again, that want to leave it all in the stands to yell for their team , the Arizona Cardinals , this group or family as we call it, men women & children alike are  dedicated to the BirdGang!

All as 1 we cheer , win or lose we follow with a passion ! This is an effort to Unite all Birdgang fans nation-wide to become one. The Raiders are well known for their Raider Nation, it’s now time we make all NFL fans take notice the BIRDGANG NATION is growing and is about to be recognized. As Diehard “BirdGang” fans we have supported many players in the past and will continue to support them year after year !




So We Set Out On Our Journey ……………………….

To create 1 place for All BIRDGANG Fans to Unite. 

To share their passion for Cardinal’s Football. To post stories, pictures and get information. To form bonds between like fans for tailgating, enjoy the highs and lows of each season together.  Along with traveling to road games to support our team on the road, to show the world that the Cardinals are America’s True Team, to grow the next generation of lifelong fans and to create a lasting tradition here in the desert of Arizona.