If your a Cardinals fan, we designed this for all BIRDGANG Fans to Unite we agree that the Birdgang is made up of all fans of the team, there is no 1 person, no head of the Birdgang, no group leader, simply if you are a fan of the Cards, then collectively WE ARE ALL BIRDGANG !

So Birdgang.com will strive to bring you a vast sight of information,pictures,videos and more ! Heck we even provide our own Super-fan weekly web show, from the Ultimate Birdgang Fan Cave ! So share in our passion as we help build a tradition based around being a fan of this team, from 1-101 all ends of the earth the Red Sea Nation is growing! Please be sure to also check out how we provide ways for groups of fans to travel to games or tailgate together !


Game Reviews

  • Next up, PANTHERS

    So Sunday Night Football in Glendale vs the Seahawks, where do I begin… 75 min of screaming my lungs out , for a tie. I guess its better than a loss, but really a tie??? Come-on-MAN we need to get back on track,,,, Defense played the best game of the year. Only to watch a chip shot FG to win be missed by Cat-Man. I still can’t get my head around last night. So here is to looking forward to going down to Carolina and kicking some Panther BUTT !! #birdgang  Go Cards.

  • Biggest off-season Moves
    So it seems to us that the biggest off season move by the team was the trade that involved us getting a little more help on defense by adding Chandler Jones to the fold. Hopefully his youthfulness can help like a spark under the Captain Calais Campbell and he can return in 2016 to be a pass rushing force. As for Chandler Jones, I guess we will know more after training camp begins and we can get our first look. I know he will have the home opener on his mind vs his former team, the Pats.
  • 2015 Season Rewind

    Normally I would enjoy writing a post about my team, but it has taken us plenty of time, cold beverages and a little therapy to block the NFC Championship game from our minds. We were among a great group of fans that traveled to the game in Carolina, and made it even with the freak snowstorm that took place. In my mind we came out flat, and could never rebound chasing from behind. But I believe it was a great taste for our young players, and possibly a gut check for the veterans that now will want to play even harder to get back. So here is to a new year a new beginning and hopefully hosting the 2016 NFC Champ. game here at home ! #birdgang

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2016 Home Game Cards vs Seahawks

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